Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Various Technical Features of EOT Cranes

Industries and construction sites make use of different types of high end machines that allow workers to handle different tasks easily. Among the various types of machines that are used in these sites are EOT cranes which are regularly employed in small and factories for picking up heavy loads and transferring them from one place to another. Let’s have a brief look at some of the features of EOT cranes.

Crane manufacturers in India regularly design and develop different models of EOT cranes for their local and international clients. The widespread demand for these cranes is the direct result of the various functions that they can handle. EOT cranes, also known as electric overhead traveling cranes are set on a pair of well designed gantry rails that are mounted on the gantry girders that are supported on the columns on both sides of the bay. They also consist of bridge girders, platforms, end carriages, long travel machinery and trolley assemble. The machinery used for trolley travel and hoisting motion are kept on the trolley which moves on rails that are fixed on top of the bridge girders. The EOT cranes can have special features like multiple trolleys running on a common pair of girders that are made for steel plants.

These cranes also include detachable or permanent attachments like magnet, grab bucket, rotating beam, lifting beam, ‘C' hook, sheet pack lifter and slab tong or coil tong. Both standard versions as well as customized versions are available in the market. An EOT crane manufacturer in India can develop completely customized units for special uses according to the requirements of their clients. These crane manufacturers are used to handle different types of client requirements which is why they can deliver a wide range of products without any kind of technical challenges.

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