Friday, 13 October 2017

What Are EOT Cranes...? Know Everything About EOT Cranes Here

We all know what cranes are, as we all grew up seeing cranes working at various construction sites. But, do you know there are different types of cranes? Yes, there are different types of cranes which are specifically designed to serve a particular purpose or function.

EOT Crane

One of the most used cranes is EOT cranes. Here, we will discuss in detail that what EOT cranes are all about.

EOT crane stands for Electric Overhead Traveling crane. These are one of the most common types of overhead cranes. They are also referred to as bridge cranes. These cranes don’t only travel in both the directions, but they can even be used for lowering and raising the heavy load conveniently.

Construction of EOT cranes

It has parallel runways and in between these parallel runways, a bridge is present spanning the gap. These cranes are operated through electrical power. Most of the EOT cranes have a control pendant or an operator cabin along with them.

Type of EOT cranes manufactured

There are different types of EOT cranes, which are manufactured by the EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

1. Single Girder EOT cranes

These are much lighter in structure as they just consist of one main bridge between the parallel runways. Main components of these cranes include the main bridge, electrically manageable hoist and end beams. These are extensively used for light industrial applications.

2. Double Girder EOT cranes

These are used in operations where the loading capacity is higher and heavier. Instead of one, these have two main bridges. They are cost effective and specifically designed for heavy duty operations.

Applications of EOT cranes

These cranes are specifically used for heavy duty applications. Some of the major applications of EOT cranes are as follows:
  • Provide precise and easy control on the up and down motion along with the traverse motion. This is achieved by fitting in a variable frequency in the electric panel.
  • You will see the workshops, mining enterprises, industrial stock ground and warehouses using EOT cranes for various purposes like relocating the heavy load or for loading and unloading.
Final words

While buying an EOT crane you must make sure that you buy it from a manufacturer who offers quality assurance. And, you should always buy the one which meets all your requirements like Standard size, weight, lifting style and the application for which it is needed.

Friday, 20 May 2016

10 Tips Before You Hire an EOT Crane

Hiring an EOT Crane and using it are two different things. When you hire a crane, you are directly taking the responsibility of the safety of the workers, and the crane operator. Majorly, crane suppliers provide their own operator, who must be designated for the same role. Being a crane operator and being just a driver makes a huge difference. There are more than a couple of things one must take care before supplying or hiring a crane.

  1. Check if the supplier has valid certificate of the quality
  2. Check if all the parts of their machineries are verified and tested properly.
  3. Check if the parts of that machinery meets ANSI standards.
  4. Suppliers must take the responsibility of testing the EOT Crane before and after supplying. Moreover, he must show the operator’s license to run the crane
  5. Assembling and disassembling of the crane is supplier’s responsibility.
  6. We talked about quality in the first point, as on to the matter of safety, check if the supplier follows OSHA standard.
  7. Not only at the site or before dispatching, the crane must be tested frequently.  Follow two instruction types, which are, monthly and weekly.
  8. Test, hoist, trolley, bridge, locking system, switches, and loading capacity frequently.
  9. As a supplier provide a guide or instructions to the operator and one copy to the supervisor at the site.
  10. Understand the misconceptions about crane loads and other things.

Follow these rules to avoid any hassle in the future.

Why Ambica Engineering?

Ambica Engineering is an Ahmedabad based, ISO certified, EOT Crane manufacturer-one of the leading manufacturers in India. It ensures crane will perform brilliantly at the client’s site. Their cranes can be used by any type and size of industry. They are providing cranes and other parts since 1993.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Cranes-Easy Construction Brings More Safety

Word, Crane may sound uninteresting to you, but it plays an important role in the construction history. Truly speaking without Crane, no giant/big/medium construction can take place. Taking few names like bridges, skyscrapers, sky soaring tallest buildings or even shipment industry, their construction is impossible without cranes. Few more industries where they have huge demand;
  1. Automobile
  2. General Engineering
  3. Heavy Engineering
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Power
  6. Railway
  7. Ship Building,
  8. Steel
The Crane is a machinery, equipped byHoists, Chains, Wire Ropes, and Sheaves. These are used in different requirement, to lift and move heavy items. It makes shifting of heavy items easy. Where shifting heavy loads required a bulk of labor with high expenses, using EOT cranes gives a relief to the pocket. Not only this, if you have noticed, in earlier days, such cases were normal where labor would meet with an accident during the construction work due to working at a height or would injure lifting heavy materials. With the invention of cranes and hoists the exaggerated work of construction has been reduced and the health and safety of the workers have increased.
Different types of cranes are available for different types of requirement;
  • Single Girder EOT Crane
  • Double Girder EOT Crane
  • Underslung EOT Crane
  • Gantry Crane and Goliath Crane
  • Semi-Gantry Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Circular Crane

Which Crane Manufacturer is good?

Ambica Engineering is leading EOT Crane manufacturer in India, since 1993. It has served many big clients till date, including Hindustan Unilever Limited and Vedanta.

Other than Cranes and Hoists, they have products like Goods Lift, Lifting magnet, and Crane spares.

This company is known for accepting health and environment safety standard seriously.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Various Technical Features of EOT Cranes

Industries and construction sites make use of different types of high end machines that allow workers to handle different tasks easily. Among the various types of machines that are used in these sites are EOT cranes which are regularly employed in small and factories for picking up heavy loads and transferring them from one place to another. Let’s have a brief look at some of the features of EOT cranes.

Crane manufacturers in India regularly design and develop different models of EOT cranes for their local and international clients. The widespread demand for these cranes is the direct result of the various functions that they can handle. EOT cranes, also known as electric overhead traveling cranes are set on a pair of well designed gantry rails that are mounted on the gantry girders that are supported on the columns on both sides of the bay. They also consist of bridge girders, platforms, end carriages, long travel machinery and trolley assemble. The machinery used for trolley travel and hoisting motion are kept on the trolley which moves on rails that are fixed on top of the bridge girders. The EOT cranes can have special features like multiple trolleys running on a common pair of girders that are made for steel plants.

These cranes also include detachable or permanent attachments like magnet, grab bucket, rotating beam, lifting beam, ‘C' hook, sheet pack lifter and slab tong or coil tong. Both standard versions as well as customized versions are available in the market. An EOT crane manufacturer in India can develop completely customized units for special uses according to the requirements of their clients. These crane manufacturers are used to handle different types of client requirements which is why they can deliver a wide range of products without any kind of technical challenges.