Friday, 20 May 2016

10 Tips Before You Hire an EOT Crane

Hiring an EOT Crane and using it are two different things. When you hire a crane, you are directly taking the responsibility of the safety of the workers, and the crane operator. Majorly, crane suppliers provide their own operator, who must be designated for the same role. Being a crane operator and being just a driver makes a huge difference. There are more than a couple of things one must take care before supplying or hiring a crane.

  1. Check if the supplier has valid certificate of the quality
  2. Check if all the parts of their machineries are verified and tested properly.
  3. Check if the parts of that machinery meets ANSI standards.
  4. Suppliers must take the responsibility of testing the EOT Crane before and after supplying. Moreover, he must show the operator’s license to run the crane
  5. Assembling and disassembling of the crane is supplier’s responsibility.
  6. We talked about quality in the first point, as on to the matter of safety, check if the supplier follows OSHA standard.
  7. Not only at the site or before dispatching, the crane must be tested frequently.  Follow two instruction types, which are, monthly and weekly.
  8. Test, hoist, trolley, bridge, locking system, switches, and loading capacity frequently.
  9. As a supplier provide a guide or instructions to the operator and one copy to the supervisor at the site.
  10. Understand the misconceptions about crane loads and other things.

Follow these rules to avoid any hassle in the future.

Why Ambica Engineering?

Ambica Engineering is an Ahmedabad based, ISO certified, EOT Crane manufacturer-one of the leading manufacturers in India. It ensures crane will perform brilliantly at the client’s site. Their cranes can be used by any type and size of industry. They are providing cranes and other parts since 1993.